Welcome to Hetty Fox Cozy Mysteries. I’m Anna Drake, the writer of this series. The stories feature an ornery cat and the ghost of Hetty’s long-dead college sweetheart. He’s nearly as unyielding as as the cat, which makes for some interesting times.

Hetty is a recent widow of an advanced age,  who moves to a small town in Illinois where she suddenly finds herself solving murders. Who says retirement need be dull?

Andrew Peters is the ghost who died in a fiery car crash just short of college graduation, who appears to have moved into Hetty’s new home with her. Meanwhile Blackie is the cat who  wants nothing more than for Andrew to disappear.

The books:

Bones & Boxes



Facing a ghost, a dead body, and a cat, Hetty Fox has her hands full. Recently widowed and new to to town, she also must find her place among a village of strangers. That effort is how she discovers her first dead body. It also launches her into her first murder investigation.
But her effort to track a killer gets muddled as ghost and cat compete for her attention. Then there’s her daughter, Megan. How is Hetty to track a killer without tipping her off? Finally, mix in a clever killer, and Hetty finds herself truly challenged in this lighthearted mystery.   

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Book 2

A Rainy Day Murder

RDMIn this adventure, Hetty is off to Chicago to visit a dear friend. But nothing goes as planned. Andrew refuses to stay home with Blackie. Meanwhile, Blackie refuses to play nice with the grandkids. Then a murder raises it’s ugly  head. None of this is able to put Hetty off her stride as she summons her resources and sets out to track the killer down.

But Hetty soon learns this may be one of her most challenging cases ever.

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