Our fictional Hetty Fox, sleuth extraordinaire, was born in Chicago and was christened, Henrietta Butler. She was the second  child of three born to James and Edna Butler.  She has forbidden me to name the year.

Hetty and Andrew  met while attending a large state university, and Hetty fell instantly in love with the handsome and charming man. They were engaged to be married shortly before Andrew died in a car crash. It took years for Hetty to recover from her tragic loss. The year following Andrew’s death she graduated from the university.  She then taught for five years in the Chicago school system before meeting her future husband.

Gary Fox  was an insurance salesman, and as Hetty would assure you, she loved him dearly. They forged a happy life together and raised three children, Megan, Peter, and Mark.

Megan is married and lives in Hendricksville. Peter is an engineer who works for a large aircraft manufacturing company on the West Coast. He is unmarried and visits Hetty  whenever he can. Mark lives on the West Coast. He is a single parent raising two sons.

Gary Fox died two years ago of cancer. Megan, concerned about her mother living alone in Chicago, urged her mother to join her in Hendricksville. Hetty at first resisted the suggestion. She’d always been an independent woman. But in the end she realized she wasn’t getting any younger and that perhaps a change of scene would do her good.

She hasn’t regretted, her decision. Hetty now spends her days in her beloved new home knitting, reveling in her grandsons… and tracking down a killer or two.

She also serves as a full-time referee for the tensions that arise between Andrew and Blackie.